Inspirational Speaking Engagements

Laurie Runyan is a nationally sought-after speaker and Christian life and health coach, as well as an online talk show host on her show, “The Wednesday Morning Wake Up Message” — who has helped HUNDREDS of her clients to succeed in ways they never imagined. Although she once was an “exhausted believer,” 50 pounds overweight, stressed to her eyeballs, and sinking into the quick sands of depression, Laurie overcame these challenges and blazed a path to true spiritual and physical health and freedom that anyone can follow.
Laurie Runyan’s live talk, “Uplift the Spirit” is your opportunity to shatter the obstacles that are holding back your Church from living in true freedom, and put these proven Biblical strategies to work for your members’ relationships and health, especially when it comes to identifying and crushing self-destructive and sinful patterns.

Laurie’s LIVE seminar, “Uplift the Spirit” will show your church body exactly how to apply the spiritual principles that have guided Laurie through all her successes and failures in life.
Those who were fortunate enough to have attended these live sessions have been pleading with us to make them available for their friends, families, and church families because of the tremendous impact this has had on their lives and those around them.

If your church group is one of the many that struggle with fear and self-destructive habits, and you want to see more love, wholeness, and faith in your member’s lives and in their families’ lives, and if you are deadly serious about “grounding” your flock on a lasting spiritual foundation, then you MUST have them hear this talk!


“Laurie Runyan’s “Uplift the Spirit” session painted a powerful picture to me of how we as women can allow ourselves to reach up for God’s exceptional and splendid gifts or fall for the rotten fruit that’s laying on the dirty ground. She illuminates you with Scriptural passages and timely examples about why these two choices can either make or break your outcomes for revival and spiritual growth. Take Laurie’s hand as she leads the way to new revelations of truth, as she releases all the fantastic gifts of Holy Spirit Living, and personalizes the journey to filling your basket to overflowing!”
~ Anna

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