Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I was 50 pounds overweight, stressed, depressed and exhausted and I was a believer. I often teach that the church is in slumber. What do I mean by this? Too many of us are sitting in the pews singing hymns about surrendering all but not truly surrendering. We sing the... read more

Are You Playing Tug of War With Your Health?

Do you remember the old fashioned game called tug of war? Back in my day, when we played tug-of-war, we would always look for the biggest kids to be on our team. Of course, having more kids and more resistance created a massive tug-of-war game. I remember pulling and... read more

Making Exercise a Lifestyle!

I would like to share a small part of my story making exercise a lifestyle. As a teenager, I truly loved being active. For my 15th birthday, my wish was to join a local gym. My parents blessed me with a membership. At the time it was the 80’s, guess what was in style?... read more